What does 'Book with Hotel' mean?

The 'Book with Hotel' option is designed to give you the freedom of booking directly with the hotel. When you select this option, you'll be redirected to the hotel's booking platform that is facilitated by Revato.  

Revato isn't another travel provider but it's the name of the platform that connects you directly with the hotel in a way that's convenient and easy.  This is why you will see the link 'book.revato.com' when you're redirected away from HotelsCombined and why it comes up on your confirmation email. 

If you've selected this option, it means the hotel manages your booking and will take care of your requests without having to go through a third party agent. This includes any changes (like room upgrades and date changes) payments and special requests.  You will find the hotel's direct contact details on your booking confirmation sent to your email.  If contacting the hotel via phone, make sure to ask the person you speak with to be transferred to the reservations department first.

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