My Booking Confirmation

If you wish to retrieve your booking confirmation email, you’ll need to contact the online travel agent you booked with. You can find their contact details  here.

If you can't remember the travel agent you used to book with then tried the below tips: 

  • Check your Spam folder - we recommend checking your spam/junk folder for a confirmation email
  • Check your credit/debit card statement -  your next best option is to check your online credit/debit card statement for a website or company name.
  • Retrace your steps - Your Internet browser's history may help you determine which website you made your booking with. In addition, searching on our website again for your hotel may also help you find which website your booking was made with.

If you used our 'Book Direct' option; then the hotel you booked with manages your booking, you will find their contact details directly on your booking confirmation in your email inbox.

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