How do I cancel or change my hotel booking?

Something to bear in mind.

HotelsCombined is a search engine that compares hotel deals from a wide range of online travel providers.  Once you've found the best deal on our site or app, you're then connected with your chosen travel provider to complete your booking and enter your details.

If you booked with a travel provider:

The first thing to do is check your booking confirmation email.  Your confirmation email will have details about your cancellation policy and instructions on how to cancel/change your booking.  You can always contact your travel provider if you have questions using the contact details on your email.

Help! I don't know who I booked with and I don't have my confirmation email.

We've been helping our users for a while now.  Click here for help on finding out who you booked with and tracking down your confirmation email. Our travel providers take your data privacy seriously which is why we don't have access to your booking to make changes.

If you selected the 'book with hotel' option:

1. Cancel via the confirmation email: There's a 'cancel booking' link at the top of your confirmation email.  The hotel will be notified and you will receive a confirmation email that your booking has been cancelled shortly.

2. Contact the hotel: You can call or email them with the contact details on your confirmation email.

What about cancellation fees?

Cancellation fees are set by the hotel and can vary based on the deal you selected at the time of making the booking.  It's always a good idea to check your confirmation email before cancelling and contact the hotel if you have questions about the booking conditions.

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