I don't have my booking confirmation email

I don't have my booking confirmation email

Emails can often get misplaced.  Check all your email accounts (don't forget about work emails), spam folders and dive into your archives. Using the search function in your inbox with keywords like 'hotel', 'booking confirmation' and the name of the hotel would be a good idea as well.  Check the sender email address and it should have the name of the travel provider that you booked with if it's not clear from the email.  To get another copy of the confirmation email, you will need to contact your travel provider.

What if I can't find my booking confirmation email and I don't know who I booked with?

We've been helping our users for a while now and have combined our experience with the best ways to help you identify your travel provider or find your confirmation email.

Our partnering travel providers take your data privacy seriously which is why HotelsCombined doesn't have access to your booking to make changes or resend confirmation emails.

  • If you've been charged already, you can find out who you booked with by checking the payee name against any pending or completed charges.
  • Get in touch with the hotel to find out which travel provider your booking came from.
  • If you used your computer or mobile web browser to book, you can retrace your steps by checking your browser history to see which travel provider's website you were redirected to after HotelsCombined.

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